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Find more out about the staff of Community Legal Centres Queensland.

James Farrell, Director, Community Legal Centres Queensland

James Farrell - Director

James Farrell is the Director of Community Legal Centres Queensland, where he provides leadership and support to Queensland’s community legal centres.  James has worked as a manager/principal lawyer... > more

Cathy Baker - Communications Manager

Cathy works part time as the Community Legal Centres Queensland Communication Manager. Her primary responsibility is to increase the profile and understanding of the work of Community Legal Centres... > more

Penny Sullivan - Regional Accreditation Coordinator

Penny is the Regional Accreditation Coordinator. She is responsible for coordinating the National Association of Community Legal Centres Accreditation Scheme for community legal centres in Qld. Penny... > more

Rosslyn Monro - Sector Sustainability Coordinator

Rosslyn Monro is the Sector Sustainability Coordinator at Community Legal Centres Queensland. Rosslyn has worked in the community legal sector for over 15 years in both solicitor and management... > more

Cristy Dieckmann - Policy Worker

Cristy Dieckmann is the policy worker at Community Legal Centres Queensland. Cristy has 15 years’ experience as a lawyer, manager and management committee member in the community legal sector. She... > more