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Legal Aid

The Turnbull Coalition Team

The Turnbull Coalition acknowledges the valuable contribution of community legal centres (CLCs) and we have made a substantial investment which recognises the vital work being done by the legal... > more
Legal Aid

Australian Labor Party

Community Legal Centre Funding: A Shorten Labor Government will deliver Community Legal Centres across the country the funding they need to keep their doors open, after three years of devastating... > more
Legal Aid

Bronwyn Herbertson, ALP candidate for Groom

As a previous employee of a Community Legal Service I am a passionate advocate for the vital services that they deliver. When I was responsible for the Rural Women's Outreach Legal Service, operating... > more
Legal Aid

Marijuana (HEMP) Party

HEMP is a single issue party and doesn't usually reply to such enquiries. We obviously don't have plans or proposals in relation to your questions, but we do talk about how cannabis law reforms will... > more
Legal Aid

Brandon Selic, senate candidate for the Pirate Party

Thank you for the opportunity to answer questions regarding Queensland’s community legal centres. The Pirate Party has members aside from myself who work or volunteer for community legal centres... > more
Legal Aid

The Greens

As you know legal assistance is not a privilege – it is the right of all Australians. A truly just society has a legal system that can serve those who cannot afford to pay for legal representation,... > more
Legal Aid

Glenn Lazarus, senate candidate

The Glenn Lazarus Team understands the importance of community legal centres (CLCs), as one of the four key free legal assistance providers in Australia. CLCs play a central role in combatting the... > more
Legal Aid

Frances Jankowski, Senate candidate for the Arts Party

1. What commitments will you make in response to urgent legal assistance needs? The Arts Party supports increased funding, and expansion of personnel and facilities, to allow timely and effective... > more

Mike Head and Erin Cooke, Senate Candidates for Socialist Equality Party

The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) unequivocally opposes the deepening cuts to legal aid and assistance, and insists that access to legal services is a basic social and democratic right that must be... > more
Legal Aid

Jan Pukallus, senate candidate for Citizens Electoral Council

The most vulnerable in society (those in poverty, the disabled, victims of violence, children, the elderly) must be prioritised with the care and infrastructure they need and deserve. Any one of us... > more
Legal Aid

Paul Keyworth, Senate candidate for Online Direct Democracy Party

Online Direct Democracy Party puts legislative proposals in the hands of its’ members. Ergo, it is up to them to suggest which legislation they desire their representatives to support or block.... > more
Legal Aid

Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party

...​ we will be pushing very hard to review family law and all support bodies as we are well aware that things are broken within the whole system. We will look for much needed increased funding... > more

Submission to the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee on Victims of Crime Assistance and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016

Submission to the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee on Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2016

Joint Standing Committee on the National Disability Insurance Scheme: Accommodation for people with disabilities and the NDIS

Standing Committee on the Environment: Register of Environmental Organisations

Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications: The threat of marine plastic pollution in Australia

Senate Standing Committees on Education and Employment: The feasibility of, and options for, creating a national long service standard, and the portability of long service and other entitlements

Education, Tourism, Innovation and Small Business Committee: Inquiry into a suitable model for the Implementation of the National Injury Insurance Scheme 2016

Finance and Administration Committee: North Stradbroke Island Protection and Sustainability (Renewal of Mining Leases) Amendment Bill 2015 and North Stradbroke Island Protection and Sustainability and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2015

Health, Communities, Disability Services and Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Committee: Disability Services and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015