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Community Legal Education

Coordinating community legal information and publications

This Community Legal Centres Queensland project was established to address concerns that there is unnecessary duplication of information and publications by Queensland’s legal assistance services. > more

The Effective Law Student Supervision Project

The Effective Law Student Supervision Project is focused on enhancing the experiences of law students and supervisors involved in placement programs.The focus of the project was on the programs where... > more

Training and development project

This project aims to meet the training and development needs of workers in legal assistance services. In 2015 Community Legal Centres Queensland was appointed to complete a 'Training and Development... > more

Legal glossary

Have you ever struggled to write a clear and concise explanation for a legal term, or had someone ask you what a legal term means and mulled over how to find the right explanation? Victoria Law... > more

Australian Clinical Legal Education (ACLE)

'Australian Clinical Legal Education (ACLE): Designing and operating a best practice clinical program in an Australian law school' has been published online and in hard copy by ANU Press. This is the... > more