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Measuring our impact

We're working to build the capacity of Queensland's community legal centres to better measure and understand the outcomes of their work in the community within a shared sector outcomes framework.

The project seeks to:

  • Build on and adapt existing evaluation frameworks and methodologies that can be practically applied to our context;
  • Provide practical resources to Queensland community legal centres to undertake outcome evaluation processes; and
  • Contribute to building a sector culture of measuring and reporting on outcomes and impacts.

The project is important to the viability and sustainability of our member organisations, and their client communities, as:

  • Funding and other resources are allocated on evidence of need;
  • There is increasing pressure on resources which requires community legal centres to make informed strategic decisions about service delivery; and
  • Stakeholder communications and relationships at a community legal centre and sector level can be better informed.

The project is led and facilitated by The Incus Group with the guidance of sector-based steering group. 

The toolkit will consist of a number of resources to be used by community legal centres including:

  • Theory of Change which informs the information that needs to be collected to measure a community legal centre's impact
  • Client Survey
  • Community stakeholder survey
  • Justice system survey
  • Volunteer survey

These draft resources are being tested at three trial community legal centres which will provide important feedback about the resources and how they are implemented in a busy and diverse sector.

The final toolkit is expected to be available by early August 2017.