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Past events

Evaluation of the Mental Health Act 2016 Implementation

On 5 March 2017, the Queensland Mental Health Act 2000 was replaced with the Mental Health Act 2016.  To prepare for key... > more

13th Annual Criminal Law Conference

After over a decade of putting together one of Brisgane's pre-eminent criminal law events, we know precisely what... > more

2018 Family Law Judges Day

Six judges. Six CPD points. One great annual event. This highly coveted event will offer preeminent members of the bench... > more

Mandatory CPD - Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Richard Susskind in his most recent offering on the technological revolution confronting lawyers predicts an end-times... > more

QPASTT Information Session

This session will provide participants with a good understanding of QPASTT's services (Queensland program of assistance to... > more

Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Join Blake Solly, Chief Executive Officer of the South Sydney Rabbitohs, to discuss his experiences and knowledge of what it... > more

Would you know the signs of a problem gambler?

You are invited to attend the Responsible Gambling Network Forum: Free training for community support providers to help... > more

Mandatory CPD - Professional Skills

"Without it [EQ], a person can have the best training in the world, an incisive, analytical mind, and an endless supply of... > more

CPD Express: Parramatta

The College of Law is bringing CPD back to Parramatta in 2018! Join us at this convenient location to cover a range of... > more

Family Violence and Visas

What is the law and legal processes when someone on a visa faces family violence? What is best practice to access and... > more