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Past events

Associations Forum National Conference

The Associations Forum National Conference commenced in 2006 and is widely recognised as the premier meeting for the... > more

Community Summit on Sentencing for Child Homicide Offences

Judge John Robertson (Ret), Chair, on behalf of the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council invites you to participate in the... > more

Managing conflicts of interest

Managing conflicts of interest: Information on how conflicts of interest can be identified, disclosed and managed In this... > more

Indigenous Stop Domestic and Family Violence National Conference

The 5th INDIGENOUS STOP DOMESTIC AND FAMILY VIOLENCE NATIONAL CONFERENCE will focus on issues such as psychological,... > more

2018 National Indigenous Child Protection & Safety Conference

This conference has been developed in response to exploring ways on how to prevent our children being placed into care of... > more

The latest charity law news from home and abroad

This event aims to encourage learning and discussion about the big issues facing charities and what is top of mind for... > more

2018 National Indigenous Employment Conference

The 2018 National Indigenous Employment: Building A Future Conference is scheduled to be held in Canberra on the July 5 - 6... > more

The Black Thunder: The Power of Black Voices Towards 2020 Conference

The Black Thunder: The Power of Black Voices Towards 2020 Conference will bring together many of this country’s indigenous... > more

Josef: A chatbot for the community legal sector

In late 2016, a number of CLCs from across Australia met to explore the possibility of creating legal chatbots for the... > more

Film Screening: Border Politics

Two Sydney film-makers, Robyn Smith and Judy Rymer, have made a new documentary called "Border Politics". Unlike most... > more