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Lessons from the 2017 legal discipline cases

The Legal Profession Act 2007 (Qld) empowers the Legal Services Commission to initiate and prosecute disciplinary... > More

Supporting victims through police referrals

Queensland Police Referral Services was launched in December 2015 to provide an effective mechanism for frontline police to... > More

Running an external review of a Qld Government RTI decision

The Office of the Information Commissioner’s (OIC) External Review Team has responsibility for investigating and reviewing... > More

Domestic violence and trauma informed practice

Community legal centres are a key stakeholder in assisting victims of domestic violence (DV) with advice and support. In... > More

The implications of Brisbane Youth Service Inc v Beven for CLCs

Work health and safety (WHS) and risk management issues are important considerations for community legal centres, but in... > More

National legislative changes to payday lending and predatory leases

Consumer leases and payday loans are often targeted at the most vulnerable members of society. Community legal centres and... > More

Connecting Up Digital Flightpaths 2018 Conference Registrations now open!

Join Connecting Up on a three-day journey to discover the power of technology and learn how to unpack its full potential to... > More

Managing financial difficulty and debt: A financial counselling perspective

As community professionals working to help disadvantaged and vulnerable people, it's important to understand the financial... > More

The RTA's role in managing disputes and ensuring compliance in the rental sector

With over one third of Queenslanders living in rental accommodation, disputes and compliance issues inevitably arise. In... > More

Dealing with sexual harassment complaints in the workplace

Drawing on high profile sexual harassment scandals in media, entertainment and corporate Australia, Rachel Drew, Partner at ... > More