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Gong for hard working Community Legal Centres Queensland

Posted July 19, 2017

Community Legal Centres Queensland were honored to receive the Associations Forum's - Achievement of the Year AwardTM in Sydney on Monday night.

The award recognises their year-long campaign to reverse the funding cuts to Queensland’s community legal centres which would have drastically reduced services across the state from July this year.

The campaign was focused on educating members of the Government about the important services provided by community legal centres for everyday Queenslanders, and the impact of any reduction in funding. The campaign included meeting with state and federal MPs, running a media and social media campaign and finding ‘friends of the sector’ to make public statements in support of our work. 

Community Legal Centres Queensland found out they had won the award at the Associations Forum National Conference Dinner which took place at Pyrmont Point, Sydney.

John Peacock, General Manager, Associations Forum commented, ‘Associations Forum was pleased to award the Association Achievement of the Year Award 2017 to Community Legal Centres Queensland. Their ‘Reverse the Cuts’ campaign was an excellent example of what an association needs to do when the sector it represents faces a crisis.’

James Farrell, Director, Community Legal Centres Queensland commented, ’Community Legal Centres Queensland is delighted to receive the award. We speak out for the vital services provided by community legal centres across the state: helping couples in disputes with banks, women experiencing family violence, people with disability trying to access Government services, parents negotiating the family law system, young workers that are unfairly or unlawfully sacked, and victims of crime.’

‘This award recognises the hard work undertaken by the organisation in relation to the campaign, and the supporters that stood with us from the legal profession, church groups, unions, university, community groups, domestic violence advocates and the thousands of clients that rely on our help.  It is a great win for us but the Government’s decision was also a win for the people of Queensland, as they are more likely to get the legal help that they so desperately need and so rightly deserve.’