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Success stories

Fencing dispute resolved by Bayside CLC mediators

Sue* came to Bayside Community Legal Centre to talk about a retaining wall on a neighbour’s boundary.  The neighbour was an elderly lady who lived alone, and was very concerned with the changes bei > more

Nick gets access to the support he needs

Nick* suffered a brain injury in an accident and, as is quite common with brain injuries, he lacked insight into the effect his injury had on his brain function. > more

Park and Village Information Link works with client to enforce rights

Samantha* is a resident of a retirement village and attended a talk about Retirement Living Options presented by the Park and Village Information Link. > more

QAI’s involvement in coronial proceedings: police shooting in 2014

Laval Zimmer was 28 years old when a Queensland police officer shot him through the heart at point blank range.  He fell, face down, outside his bedroom door.  He groaned “I’m dying” and bled out w > more

Decision to swap patients overturned

Queensland Advocacy Incorporated assisted Steve* who was under a Forensic Order. The health service which was treating him wanted to transfer him to another mental health service. > more

Work and dignity restored

Matthew is a long term sufferer of mental health issues with minimal vision who enjoyed his employment in the youth sector.   > more

Police fail to provide interpreter

Victoria* has a severe hearing impairment. She uses Australian Sign Language and finds communicating in English, especially written English, stressful and confusing.  > more

Disability support needs are not child protection issues

Amy* was finding it increasingly difficult to care for her daughter Jodie* - who had severe disabilities and required total personal care and intense supervision - without adequate specialist disab > more

Cairns CLC helps clear hospital fees of client's late husband

A client contacted the Cairns CLC in relation to a dispute with a health service provider. > more

Long walk to freedom

Marco*, who has a cognitive impairment, had been employed for many years by a large national chain through an Assisted Employment Program. > more

LawRight helps provide hope for aboriginal family violence survivor

Anna, a 17 year old aboriginal girl, has already endured a lifetime of violence. In 2015, her ex-partner viciously stabbed her and convinced the community to ostracise her. > more

Doug returns to work

Doug, a 64-year-old man from a remote area, was sacked following a workplace injury. > more

Gold Coast CLC recoups outstanding debt for Margaret

Margaret* approached Pine Rivers Community Legal Centre seeking assistance with the recovery of money owed to her.  > more

Betty reunited with daughter after family law run-around

Betty* suffered health problems and financial difficulties after her marriage broke up, and she agreed that her husband Fred* could look after their four-year-old daughter Bella* for six months unt > more

Member of Parliament grateful for Caxton Legal Centre

In about 1989, Trevor was a student at QUT and applying for AusStudy. Centrelink denied his application, saying he was (or should be) dependent on his parents. > more

Tribunal overturns decision on pet care

Jenny had been given an 8 week Unemployment Non-Payment Period after leaving her employment voluntarily. Jenny was working when her beloved pet fell ill with a rare illness. > more

Three years to end a doomed cycle

According to her community worker, teenager Bobby was on the road to prison – a fate that meets many young people exiting the Child Protection system. > more

LawRight finds specialist help for Leo

Leo is a teenager from Townsville who began self-identifying and presenting as a male in his early teens. > more

Mackay Regional Community Legal Centre work with client to reconnect water

Albert* was residing on a small island with a 5 year tenancy agreement. He was required to maintain the property while he resided there. > more

'Mosquito' device slapped down

The Taylor St Community Legal Service has intervened to end use of the ‘Mosquito devi > more

Mental illness “downward spiral” disrupted by lawyers

Following a divorce, 64 year old Phil* became mentally unwell, which set off an enormous chain of problems. He lost his job, couldn’t keep up with his rent and tried to end his life. > more

LawRight helps Michael get it together

Michael* had been unemployed for some time, his mental health had declined and he fell behind in everything, including his rent. > more

Bouncing Baby for Belle

When Belle first came to the Health Advocacy Legal Clinic at LawRight she was 28 weeks pregnant and planned to offer the baby for adoption. > more

Nick wins in Court

Nick* is 41 years old and training to be a mixed martial arts professional. He had previously received voluntary treatment for depression, anxiety and a psychotic illness. > more

Cairns Community Legal Centre works with client to disconnect internet

The client contacted the Cairns Community Legal Centre in relation to a dispute with an internet service provider. The client was in receipt of a Disability Support Pension. > more

Mechanic pays for dodgy repairs thanks to the Suncoast CLS

An elderly pensioner had purchased a new car and wished to tow his caravan, so required some auto electrical work to be done on the vehicle.  He obtained several quotes and decided to use a local p > more

Lawyers collaborate to get Cairns man back to work

‘James*’, a 64-year-old man living in a rural area west of Cairns, lost his job and his employer-provided housing  after he sustained a workplace injury. > more

Townsville LawRight prevents injustice

Beth*  is a survivor of 20 years of family violence, with a deep need for safe accommodation. > more

Refugee service rights wrongs

Barkhado arrived in Australia as a refugee after fleeing Somalia. > more

Cairns Community Legal Centre helps client clear debt

The client came to the Cairns Community Legal Centre after unexpectedly receiving a letter from a debt collection agency requesting the immediate payment of over $900. > more

Refugee fights driving fines with the help of Suncoast CLS

A client from a non-English speaking background had arrived in Australia as a refugee approximately 8 years ago with his wife and young daughter.  The client held several lowly paid casual jobs to > more

Trapped New Zealander is freed

“David” arrived in Australia as a two year old and was later taken into state care for 11 years. > more

Better response to mental illness

Clare is 39 years old and has a part-time job. She lives with her parents and hopes to attend university one day. > more

LawRight assists Theresa return home

Theresa is a young mother who suffered significant long-term injuries from her partner’s attacks. > more

Basic Rights Queensland reduce debt for elderly carer

Basic Rights Queensland elderly client Sue, had taken a severely disabled child into her home and cared for her for decades, received a payment of $100,000 arrears owed to her by a state government > more

Harry allowed back behind the wheel

Harry, an elderly client had been driving for 60 years without a traffic infringement.  He suffered a slight stroke approximately 4 years ago which impaired his speech slightly but with no other si > more

Bob for Bob after car claim

Bob* contacted the Cairns Community Legal Centre in relation to a dispute with an insurance company arising from a motor vehicle accident.  The accident was caused when the other driver made a righ > more

Cairns CLC helps Max feel safe

Max* is an unemployed Indigenous man who was staying in emergency accommodation at a local homeless shelter.  Max had been threatened by his ex-partner and was distressed and in fear for his safety > more

LawRight assists Penelope to waive debt

Penelope was a young woman experiencing mental illness and a severe brain injury as a result of chronic alcoholism and an attempted suicide. > more

Tenants Queensland helps client

Jackie called Tenants Queensland looking to end her tenancy due to her poor health which had been greatly exacerbated due to the state of the premises. > more

Bond retrieved by Gold Coast CLC

Gold Coast Community Legal Centre assisted a vulnerable and disadvantage client in a rental (bond) dispute. > more

Helen maintains her right to financial independence

The Taylor Street Community Legal Service was approached by Aged and Disability Advocacy Australia to assist Helen*, a young woman living with autism and complex mental health issues to appeal a fi > more

Yolanda's Volunteering Journey

Many thanks to Yolanda for volunteering on Caxton’s front desk. Here’s her story: > more

Rita's children return home

Rita is an Aboriginal woman with five biological children and strong ties to her communities in the Northern Territory and South Australia. > more

Cairns Legal Centre secures home for war veteran

Adam has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is classified as a Totally and Permanently Incapacitated (TPI) veteran. > more

Steve* allowed to move interstate with QAI's help

Queensland Advocacy Inc (QAI)'s Mental Health Legal Service represented Steve under a Forensic Order at a hearing before the Mental Health Review Tribunal relating to an application for approval to > more

RAILS assists with refugee family reunion

The Refugee and Immigration Legal Service (RAILS) had a positive outcome for an Afghan Hazaral client with a long-running Refugee Family Reunion matter. > more

TASC helps combat elder abuse

Pat* was caring for her late husband Brian during the final stages of his life, when she hired an advisor to sort out her finances. > more

LawRight helps Jeffrey settle property matter

Jeffrey and his wife were getting older but didn’t own their own home, so they gave $96,000 to their son and daughter-in-law to help them buy a property, on the understanding that Jeffrey and his w > more

Suncoast CLS saves pensioners from homelessness

Suncoast CLS kept two pensioners in their seventies from certain homelessness after QCAT issued a warrant of possession returning their rental home to the landlord at the end of a periodic tenancy. > more

X less Y = reduced finanical pressures thanks to the Cairns CLC

Ms X is 63 years old and resides in a regional area.  Around 20 years ago, Ms X’s marriage ended after she was subject to significant domestic violence.  To assist with meeting her property’s finan > more

Mary and her grandchildren return home

University educated Indigenous woman, “Mary”*, aged 59 year old, was a stolen generation child, sent to a remote community at 3 weeks old.  She had been in a relationship with her husband, “Bob”*, > more

For the small person

Geoff lives in rural Queensland and his employment with a local council was terminated after he sustained a workplace injury.  > more

Review of QCAT decision thanks to LawRight

David* is a pensioner and English is his second language. > more

Rights for human rights activist

Lisa, a single parent working part-time, believed passionately in human rights and equality. > more

Injured employee receives settlement thanks to Cairns CLC

John had been employed in his job for three years when he suffered a non-work-related injury which required surgery.  His employer hired another person to fill in for John while he was off work, an > more

Lizzie and the children get to go home

Lizzie Smith* had three children, including a severely disabled 18 month old.  She fled the family home with her children due to domestic violence. > more

A life of trauma

Teenager Therese is on a disability support pension with borderline personality and post traumatic stress disorders. > more

James returns to the dance floor

James uses a motorised wheelchair and doesn’t mind a boogie. > more

Cairns CLC assists diabetic student who is made to ‘feels like a junkie’

A NORTH Queensland training organisation has been accused of discriminating against a student with diabetes after forcing her to inject lifesaving insulin off campus. > more

Grieving mother given housing options

Through its new health justice partnership in Cairns with Indigenous health service Wuchopperen, the QPILCH Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic recently assisted “Shanti”, a young mother experiencing ho > more

Religious freedom for South West Brisbane CLC client

South West Brisbane Community Legal Centre's Outreach Solicitor assisted a woman who had experienced significant domestic violence. > more

Work and dignity restored

Matthew is a long term sufferer of mental health issues with minimal vision who enjoyed his employment in the youth sector. > more

Yohanes takes on QCAT and wins

Yohannes is a 50-year-old refugee from Ethiopia who arrived with limited English. When he was new to Australia, he was charged with common assault. > more

Homeless Persons Legal Clinic frees Jason* of debt

People experiencing chronic disadvantage often have problems with the police, particularly in relation to their presence in public spaces. > more

Mental Health Law Practice negotiates debt relief for 'George'

George* was admitted to a mental health unit on an involuntary treatment order with a diagnosis of schizophrenia and manic depression. > more

Mary's marriage over, but financial future secured

Mary* was very distraught when she contacted North Queensland Women's Legal Service (NQWLS).  Her husband of 26 years, Alan, had just told her that their marriage > more

Suncoast Community Legal Service Reverses Bankruptcy Decision

Shirley had enlisted a firm of solicitors to assist in administering her deceased mothers estate. > more

Margaret wins legal action against insurance company

Margaret* attended TASC’s Rural Women’s Outreach Legal Clinic in December 2015 seeking assistance; she had been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Margaret was not insured. > more

Basic Rights Queensland appeals to Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Born with spina bifida, Charlie* suffered from faecal and urinary incontinence. > more

Win over father's will

Volunteers at QPILCH’s Self Representation Service assisted Nadine* who held an enduring power of attorney for her elderly father. > more

Homeless woman fights to be removed from tenancy blacklist

Theresa*, a vulnerable young mother, was the victim of a series of aggressive attacks by her ex-partner causing her long-term injuries. > more

Better training for police

Queensland Advocacy Incorporated (QAI) advocate Nick Collyer successfully raised the need for police and people with a lived experience of mental illness to work together towards better police re > more

Elder abuse community legal education at Cherbourg

Caxton Legal Centre's Seniors Legal and Support Service helps seniors experiencing elder abuse, mistreatment or financial exploitation. > more

Mackay Regional CLC helps reunite a family

Hayley* and David* and their two young children lived together as a family until they were evicted from their rental property. Hayley and David were homeless for 3 months. > more

New precedent on property settlement involving veterans

Christopher* was a veteran who was dependant on an invalidity pension from the Military Superannuation and Benefits Scheme (MSBS).  > more

Caxton Legal Centre helps a severely deaf woman win discrimination case

With help from Caxton Legal Centre, a severely deaf woman whose repeated requests to police for an interpreter went unheeded has won an appeal to have her discrimination case reconsidered in Queens > more

Win for the small person

Geoff* lives in rural Queensland and his employment with a local council was terminated after he sustained a workplace injury.    > more

Cairns CLC assists Max with protection order

Max*, an unemployed Indigenous man was staying in emergency accommodation at a local homeless shelter. > more

Mackay Regional CLC keep Keith* on his feet

Even though Keith* continued to work full time in a fairly well paid job, he became bankrupt shortly after his separation from Jenny due to debts incurred during the relationship. > more

Basic Rights Queensland appeals for payout

Catherine* approached Basic Rights Queensland as she was unable to qualify for income support due to a “preclusion period” imposed as a result of a compensation payout resulting from a motor vehicl > more

Decision overturned about ECT treatment

Queensland Advocacy Incorporated assisted Bill* who was subject to multiple successive electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) applications to treat his schizoaffective disorder. > more

A life of trauma

Teenager Therese* is on a disability support pension with borderline personality and post traumatic stress disorders. > more