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Funding lifeline thrown to Community Legal Centres

Posted September 14, 2017

Community Legal Centres Queensland welcomes the funding announcement made earlier today by the Queensland State Government. The announcement saw the allocation of an additional $4.796 million in funding to help ten centres provide free legal help to vulnerable people. 

The news comes after the Federal Government announced in April that they would abandon planned funding cuts to Community Legal Centres in the July budget. The combination of state and federal funding will provide certainty to Queensland Community Legal Centres who will now be able to provide services to their local communities for the next three years.

The funding is for the period from 2017 to 2020 and the centres who will receive the support include: Mackay Regional Community Legal Centre, Gold Coast Legal Centre and Advice Bureau, North Queensland Women’s Legal Service, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, North Queensland Women’s Legal Service, Women’s Legal Service Queensland, South West Brisbane Community Legal Centre, LawRight and Caxton Legal Centre.

Rosslyn Monro, Acting Director of Community Legal Centres Queensland commented, “The announcement is excellent news for the Queenslanders who rely on the help of community legal centres.  We understand that this additional funding will be targeted at the family law and family violence work of Community Legal Centres. This will help alleviate the flow-on effects from family violence which can include problems around housing, credit and debt and employment.

“Community Legal Centres Queensland are looking forward to receiving more detailed information about how the funding will be allocated between centres and across Queensland.’

“Today’s announcement is a lifeline, but there is more work to do. It sets the stage for us to work with the Government to work out the best way to ensure the ongoing sustainability of this vital sector in the face of rising demand for legal help.’