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Bouncing Baby for Belle

When Belle first came to the Health Advocacy Legal Clinic at LawRight she was 28 weeks pregnant and planned to offer the baby for adoption.

She was 43, had a history of mental health issues, rheumatoid arthritis and chronic illnesses. Belle lived in a public housing complex that did not allow children. Belle had been a ward of the state and was fearful of her child getting lost in the child protection system if something happened to her during or after the birth.

We gave her advice and support to complete an advanced health directive, enduring power of attorney and a will. We also negotiated with the Department of Housing to allow Belle to live in the complex with the baby for three months after birth.

Just before her due date, Belle told us she was being bullied by family members about her late sister’s will, of which Belle was a beneficiary. We connected Belle to a law firm for help to resolve this.

Belle had a beautiful baby girl who is thriving and still in Belle’s care. Belle told us that knowing she had somewhere to go to ask questions, gave her peace of mind and clarity. She said “I would never have been able to do it without the support of you.”

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