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2018 review of the National Partnership Agreement

We'll regularly update this page, to provide information to our members about the NPA review. This page was last updated on 13 August 2018.

The review team, Urbis, has released a discussion paper, with 18 questions. This will guide the review of the NPA as a funding instrument, rather than a full review of legal assistance services. However, given the last NPA provided the bulk of the Commonwealth’s funding to Queensland’s CLCs, it is an important review, and you should consider contributing to the review. For more general information, check out the Review Plan.

We’ve also prepared a paper on Responding to the NPA review discussion paper (building on our preliminary position and preliminary submission), and NACLC recently released its position on the NPA review.

Ways that you can get involved:

Make a submission

You can make a written submission in response to the discussion paper. We have some suggestions about issues you might like to raise, and we provided an early submission to (a) help Urbis identify... > more

Meet the review team

Urbis will be visiting Queensland in the week beginning 20 August, with two days in Brisbane, a day in Cairns and a day in Townsville. We’ve contacted centres in Townsville and Cairns, where Urbis... > more

Contribute to our submission

We're making another submission to the review, and we'd like our members' feedback. Our preliminary submission provided a view from our team, about the statewide policy landscape, informed by... > more
Legal Aid

Contribute to NACLC's work

NACLC is continuing to work closely with the State and Territory Associations and Sector NPA Review Working Group to coordinate engagement in the NPA Review throughout 2018.  You can inform NACLC/... > more


On 6 August 2018, Community Legal Centres Queensland director James Farrell presented a webinar for member CLCs to provide an update on the NPA review. The webinar covered: Remembering a world before... > more