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Consultation on review of the Child Protection Act

Community Legal Centres Queensland responded to certain parts of the Queensland Government’s Options Paper “The next chapter in child protection legislation for Queensland”, released as part of the Government's public consultation for the review of the Child Protection Act 1999. This submission does not nominate preferred options, but highlights issues that should be considered in each of these topic areas, based on our members’ submissions to the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry . Ten community legal centres made formal submissions to the Commission of Inquiry in 2012 and 2013 based on their experiences providing legal help to people caught up in Queensland’s child protection system. These submissions clearly informed the Commission’s final report, and community legal centres are working with Government and other stakeholders to implement reforms based on the Commission’s recommendations.

The Options Paper was prepared and released before the Premier announced the Government’s intention to introduce a Human Rights Act for Queensland on 29 October 2016. We recommend that the Department review the proposed reforms to the Child Protection Act through a human rights framework, incorporating international human rights norms, and practices that protect and promote the human rights of Queenslanders engaged in the child protection system.