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Human Rights

Human Rights Act for Queensland Campaign 

What can Queensland’s CLCs do?

1. Sign up to the campaign at humanrights4qld and on Facebook

2. Post a picture of your staff showing your support for a Human Rights Act for Queensland at #humanrights4qld

3. Start preparing now for the recently announced parliamentary inquiry anticipated to commence early next year. The best contribution CLCs can make is in highlighting actual case studies which demonstrate:

•Inadequacy or lack of existing protections e.g. complaint mechanisms;

•The difference that a human rights framework would have made to a client outcome;

•How government decision making might be improved;

•Benefit of human rights compatibility statements being prepared before a bill is tabled in parliament (e.g. Juvenile Justice laws);

•How courts might interpret laws to better protect and fulfil human rights.

4. Distribute information about the campaign to your local partners, stakeholders, volunteers and contacts lists. Encourage them to sign up to the campaign and to make submissions to the Inquiry.

5. Contact your local MPs to tell them that you support the campaign and how it will improve your ability to more effectively advocate for local clients.

6. Explore the option of hosting public events in collaboration with the campaign coordinator.

For more details contact Aimee McVeigh

Queensland Parliament inquiry into Human Rights

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