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Queensland Parliament inquiry into Human Rights

Community Legal Centres Queensland made a submission to the Queensland Parliaments inquiry into Human Rights. Community Legal Centres Queensland supports the strengthening of laws and practices that will protect and promote human rights in Queensland and the introduction of a Human Rights Act for Queensland.  We believe that a Human Rights Act in Queensland will increase fairness and justice for vulnerable and disadvantaged Queenslanders – community legal centres’ clients.  The submission was divided into three parts:

  • Which rights should be protected?
  • How should we protect human rights?
  • Costs and benefits of a Human Rights Act.

To read the submission go here.

A number of our members also made submissions to the inquiry:

On 30 June​2016, the Committee released its report; Government members recommended that it was "appropriate and desirable" to introduce a Human Rights Act in Queensland. We then wrote to the Attorney-General, supporting this recommendation and suggesting that the Government should "work with the community to introduce strong and sensible reforms to better protect and promte the human rights of vulnerable Queenslanders".

On 29 October 2016, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk committed her Government to introducing a Human Rights Act.

We look forward to constructively working with the Government to implement this important and sensible reform.