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Community Legal Centres Queensland believes that women have the right to equality of opportunity and outcome with their male counterparts and that gender-based discrimination against women is profoundly unjust and an affront to human dignity.

Community Legal Centres Queensland supports the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

Community Legal Centres Queensland advocates

  • the elimination of all forms and threats of violence against women, acknowledging that some groups of women (in particular those belonging to minority groups) are particularly at risk;
  • ensuring women have access to justice and support services vital to assisting victims of violence and their children to recover from the physical, emotional, psychological and financial impacts of violence, including adequate legal aid;
  • community education on the rights of women and the principle of non-discrimination;
  • an acknowledgement of the common overlap between violence against women and violence against children;
  • The investigation and understanding of cultural dynamics and pressures which may hinder women’s access to justice.
  • Recognises that women with disability are especially vulnerable to violence and that specific and targeted measures are required to protect their human rights
  • Supports the introduction of uniform national legislation dealing with Special Medical Procedures (Sterilisation) to address the sterilisation of women and girls with disabilities.
  • Advocates for adequate support for women with disabilities so that their right to found a family is not denied
  • That children born to mothers with disabilities will not be automatically removed at birth into long-term/permanent foster care, when appropriate support would ensure the maintenance of the family unit

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