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Mandatory CPD - Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Richard Susskind in his most recent offering on the technological revolution confronting lawyers predicts an end-times scenario. Dr Michael Nancarrow's prognosis is more hopeful but equally challenging. Tomorrow’s lawyers (which includes both those in practice as well as those entering practice) face challenges of a different complexion to what awaited lawyers in previous periods. Technology will intrude into much of the process and rountinised aspects of law practice. The daily work, tasks and decisions of tomorrow’s lawyers will take a different turn in many ways.

Mandatory CPD - Professional Skills

"Without it [EQ], a person can have the best training in the world, an incisive, analytical mind, and an endless supply of smart ideas, but he still won’t make a great leader.” Daniel Coleman, HBR article, 1998.

Lawyers in particular can set themselves apart from the competition, and contribute to their practice growth strategy by developing their EQ skills. With a positive impact being reported in relation to communication, client relationships, staff management and resilience, it’s no wonder EQ is often the go-to skill for successful lawyers.

CPD Express: Parramatta

The College of Law is bringing CPD back to Parramatta in 2018! Join us at this convenient location to cover a range of topics relevant in 2018 to solicitors across all practice areas.

By attending this seminar, you will earn four CPD points and satisfy your mandatory requirements in the following areas:

  • Ethics and professional responsibility
  • Practice management and business skills
  • Professional skills
  • Substantive law


Foundations in Immigration Law

Are you an Australian solicitor interested in practising immigration law? The pending removal of legal practitioners from the regulatory scheme that governs migration agents means every Australian legal practitioner will be able to provide migration law advice without being registered as a migration agent with the MARA.

Nomos and The College of Law have teamed up to provide you with ‘Foundations in immigration law’. A highly interactive workshop teaching the fundamentals that are essential when moving into immigration law practice.

2018 Family Law Judges Day

Six judges. Six CPD points. One great annual event.

This highly coveted event will offer preeminent members of the bench sharing their vast knowledge and experience of the law, as well providing invaluable insight as to what judges look for in Family Lawyers who appear in the jurisdiction. 

Distinguished speakers include:

Federal Circuit Court of Australia

Judge Joe Harman

Stephen Scarlett AM RFD, (retired Federal Circuit Court Judge)

Family Court of Australia

Skills Workshop: Drafting Documents

Facilitated by experienced educator and commercial lawyer, Chris Bland, this workshop will increase your confidence and certainty when drafting commercial contracts.

The drafting of clear, accurate and enforceable contracts will simplify all aspects of the legal matter.

Attend this workshop to hear about, and to practice clear, simple drafting techniques.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to:

Contract Law Masterclass 2018

Book today to get the best seat at the best price!

The Contract Law Masterclass is designed for busy legal professionals seeking to improve their understanding of all aspects of the contractual process. From pre-contract negotiations to drafting, interpretation, disputes and managing risk through indemnities, this masterclass covers a host of topical areas. Partners from Australia’s top law firms will present this one-day event, focusing on practical examples and the impact of recent case law.