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Upcoming webinars

Helping clients who owe money

Given the financial disadvantage experienced by our clients, community legal centres are often approached by people who owe money. These debts can be to family/friends, service providers like utilities and financial services, and predatory lenders, and clients are often being approached (sometimes harassed) by debt collectors. Brian Kerr (Consumer Action) will provide an overview of debtors’ rights, and practical tips to support clients who owe money.

4pm, Tuesday, June 6, 2017                                            REGISTER NOW

Helping clients from New Zealand

An estimated 600,000 New Zealanders live and work in Australia. While New Zealanders have historically been able to access the same rights and entitlements as Australian citizens, it is becoming increasingly difficult for NZ residents to gain access to citizenship, education, healthcare and social security on similar terms to Australians. In this webinar, Mira Yannicos (Norton Rose Fulbright) will discuss common problems faced by New Zealanders living in Australia, that might contact community legal centres for legal help.

4pm, Thursday, June 15, 2017                                               REGISTER NOW

Consumer leases, payday loans and other dangerous financial products

Payday loans, rent-to-buy schemes and consumer leases, and other small amount credit contracts (SACCs) are used by community legal centres’ clients facing financial hardship, but often spiral out of control. In this webinar, Lachlan Edwards (Consumer Action) will discuss common problems faced by consumers of these dangerous products, and opportunities to protect and support consumers, including through individual advocacy and systemic reform.

2pm, Monday, June 26, 2017                                             REGISTER NOW

Supported decision-making in wills and powers of attorney

Mamre Association, a Brisbane-based NGO supporting families which have children with a disability, engaged Disability Law Queensland (DLQ) to develop a supported decision-making tool to assist people with intellectual and cognitive impairments to develop the capacity to have a will and power of attorney drafted. DLQ Director Aimee McVeigh will share the tool in this webinar, and explain how it can be used across community legal centres.

10am, Friday, June 30, 2017                                             REGISTER NOW

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