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Upcoming webinars

Strategies to recruit and retain volunteers in your CLC

Community legal centres rely on volunteers to assist the greatest number of clients in the most efficient way possible. However, CLCs often comment that building the skills and finding the time to effectively administer a volunteer program can be a challenge.

We welcome Michelle Lindley from Volunteering Qld, who will share her insights on successfully recruiting and retaining skilled and student volunteers, and how to ensure a rewarding experience for CLCs and volunteers alike.

10am, Wednesday 31 January 2018 (Brisbane time)                              Register here


Recent amendments to DV legislation and the role of the Qld Police Service High Risk Teams

The Not Now, Not Ever Report made a range of recommendations to review and amend domestic and family violence legislation to better protect victims and hold perpetrators to account. Recommendations included the implementation of an integrated service response with high risk teams, mutual recognition of DVOs across Australia, a new offence of strangulation, and information sharing between agencies. 

In this webinar, Senior Sergeant Sean Francis and Senior Research Officer, Christine Carney from the Queensland Police Service Domestic, Family Violence and Vulnerable Persons Unit will discuss the role of the High Risk Teams and the recent legislative changes related to domestic and family violence.

1pm, Wednesday 7 February 2018 (Brisbane time)                                Register here


Governance and community legal centres

The time, enthusiasm and expertise that Management Committee members contribute to community legal centres and communities is a great asset to the sector. Management Committees operate as a leadership team, setting the strategic vision, direction and goals for the centre’s operation, and as a governance body and employer, working cooperatively with staff and volunteers.

In this webinar, Penny Sullivan (Community Legal Centres Queensland) will reinforce principles and processes that support sound governance, accountability and ethical conduct.

10am, Tuesday 20 February 2018 (Brisbane time)                                Register here


Paperless legal clinic - learnings from South West Brisbane CLC

With advances in technology and a view to become more environmentally sustainable, South West Brisbane Community Legal Centre (SWBCLC) conducted a paperless advice clinic project in late 2017.

Leading this project was Principal Solicitor, Jim Gibney, who will discuss the processes SWBCLC put in place, how they overcame the challenges they faced, and some of the lessons learned along the way. The paperless advice project was such a success, that SWBCLC are now looking to expand the project across the Centre’s other advice clinics.

11am, Thursday 22 February 2018 (Brisbane time)                                Register here


Lessons from the 2017 legal discipline cases

The Legal Profession Act 2007 (Qld) empowers the Legal Services Commission to initiate and prosecute disciplinary proceedings against lawyers and law practice employees. Each year, the Commission prosecutes serious breaches of professional obligations through Queensland courts and tribunals. 

In this webinar, James Farrell, Director at Community Legal Centres Queensland will examine the 2017 decisions, and discuss the ethical issues raised in those cases, and implications for legal practitioners. 

Solicitors can claim 1 CPD ethics point for this webinar.

2pm, Thursday 29 March 2018 (Brisbane time)         $35 fee               Register here 


Supporting victims through police referrals

Queensland Police Referral Services was launched in December 2015 to provide an effective mechanism for frontline police to connect vulnerable community members to external support services to address many of the underlying issues that contribute to people becoming a victim of crime or engaging in offending behaviour. The online referral process, accessed by police remotely or at stations, allows auto-routing to the most appropriate service provider for client follow up within two business days. There are currently 23 different categories of issues that clients can be referred to Service Providers through the Police Referrals Service.

In this webinar, Acting Senior Sergeant Chris Stafford from the Queensland Police Service will take us through the work of Police Referral Services and the how CLCs can assist their clients to access appropriate support from the QPS.

11am, Wednesday 11 April 2018 (Brisbane time)                                Register here


Running an external review of a Qld Government right to information decision

The Office of the Information Commissioner’s (OIC) External Review Team has responsibility for investigating and reviewing decisions of agencies and Ministers on access to and amendment of information under the Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld) and Information Privacy Act 2009 (Qld). Where possible, external review applications will be resolved informally, however, sometimes a formal decision may need to be issued affirming, varying or setting aside the agency or Minister’s decision.

Join members of the OIC External Review Team and Information and Assistance Team, who will discuss how community legal centres can assist their clients when making formal requests for government-held information or reviewing agency access decisions.

10am, Thursday 19 April 2018 (Brisbane time)                                 Register here


Domestic violence and trauma informed practice

Community legal centres are a key stakeholder in assisting victims of domestic violence (DV) with advice and support.

In this webinar, Rachel Neil (Principal Solicitor, Women’s Legal Service), will discuss trauma and the effect of victims of DV, the importance of validating the victim through trauma informed practice, and assessing safety through interviewing. Rachel will provide some practical tips to help you get the best information from your client while minimising the negative impact.

11am, Tuesday 24 April 2018 (Brisbane time)                                Register here


The implications of Brisbane Youth Service Inc v Beven for CLCs

Work health and safety (WHS) and risk management issues are important considerations for community legal centres, but in rare cases, our clients may themselves present a risk to CLC staff. These questions were considered in the recent case of Brisbane Youth Service Inc v Beven [2017] QCA 211 on appeal from the Supreme Court.

Helen Whitehead from Ashurst will take us through the implications of these decisions for WHS, risk management and employer duty of care in CLCs in today's webinar.

10am, Friday 27 April 2018 (Brisbane time)                                Register here


National legislative changes to payday lending and predatory leases

Consumer leases and payday loans are often targeted at the most vulnerable members of society. Community legal centres and consumer groups frequently assist victims of this predatory behaviour, that ignores or hinders the borrower’s ability to repay the debt. In March 2017, consumer advocates from around the country met at Parliament House to lobby for #FairFinance. 

In this webinar, Gemma Mitchell and Georgina Molloy from the Consumer Credit Legal Service WA Inc will provide an update on recent (and much needed) changes to the national laws around payday lending and predatory leases.

12pm, Tuesday 1 May 2018 (Brisbane time)                                 Register here


Managing financial difficulty and debt: A financial counselling perspective

As community professionals working to help disadvantaged and vulnerable people, it's important to understand the financial difficulties our clients sometimes face. They may be struggling with mounting bills and debt, and unaware of their options. Having a framework to help our clients understand the options available to improve their financial situation is crucial in helping them get back on their feet.

Join Shungu Patsika and Janet Inglis from Consumer Action Law Centre, as they provide a financial counselling perspective of the difficulties our clients face, and offer tips for how you can best support them.

2pm, Tuesday 8 May 2018 (Brisbane time)                                Register here


The RTA's role in managing disputes and ensuring compliance in the rental sector

With over one third of Queenslanders living in rental accommodation, disputes and compliance issues inevitably arise. In this webinar, Lynn Smith from the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) will provide an overview of the RTA services, statistics and common tenancy issues including case examples.

Lynn will step through the process for resolving disputes between tenants and landlords/agents, and discuss compliance provisions under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (Qld).

11am, Thursday 10 May 2018 (Brisbane time)                                Register here


Dealing with sexual harassment complaints in the workplace

Drawing on high profile sexual harassment scandals in media, entertainment and corporate Australia, Rachel Drew, Partner at Holding Redlich, will address the important area of handling sexual harassment issues and complaints arising from workplaces. Rachel will provide an overview of what sexual harassment is, legal definitions, the elements of employer liability, and what to do if you receive a complaint of sexual harassment.

The webinar will also discuss victims’ rights under the law, the remedies available to victims, and how to prevent unacceptable behaviour.

10am, Tuesday 15 May 2018 (Brisbane time)                                Register here


Reproductive coercion and domestic violence

Reproductive coercion can result in life-changing consequences for women who are experiencing domestic violence, however, it is an area fraught with difficulty – both for the victim and for the community legal centre solicitor assisting them.

In this webinar, Katherine Kerr from Children by Choice will outline what reproductive coercion involves, why it’s important for family lawyers to be alert to this issue, and where to refer clients for more assistance. Katherine will also provide guidance on how best to respond to this issue, both on an individual basis, and on a systemic level.

11am (TBC), Friday 25 May 2018 (Brisbane time)                                    Register here


Pitfalls and challenges with self-made wills

The DIY revolution has resulted in the emergence of some unconventional estate planning methods, ranging from self-made will kits, to wills written on the back of receipts, and even an unsent text messages on a mobile phone.

New Way Lawyers encounters many interesting and challenging examples in their Wills and Estates Team, with many community legal centres sharing this experience. In this webinar, New Way will share some case studies and discuss the legal issues that can arise with these wills, such as attempting to obtain probate, and the additional burden and costs to executors and beneficiaries.

11am, Thursday 7 June 2018 (Brisbane time)                                       Register here


Leveraging low and no cost tech tools to boost CLC effectiveness

Finding time and money to invest in IT is enormously challenging for community legal centres, yet it is increasingly necessary given the roles that our systems and data play in meeting funder requirements, providing effective services, and promoting systemic change. 

In this session, Skye Forster, Director of Operations at the Consumer Action Law Centre will demonstrate how one CLC is transforming clunky internal processes and siloed teams into a collaborative and efficient workplace using low or no cost technology (and a whole lot of consultation).

10am, Wednesday 13 June 2018 (Brisbane time)                                Register here


Technology, ethics and the law

Technology presents an ever evolving set of opportunities and challenges for community legal centres. Understanding the ethical dimensions to these issues is paramount.

In this webinar, Fabian Horton, Lecturer at The College of Law, technology expert and CLC alumni, will discuss the connections between ethics and technology, how we can identify solutions to the new ethical dilemmas technology can bring, and how community lawyers can make a valuable contribution to the ongoing discussion about ethics, technology and society.

1pm, Thursday 28 June 2018 (Brisbane time)                                Register here