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The Collaboration Decision Support Tool

Is collaboration right for your organisation? In today’s environment with many community sector organisations competing for funds, it’s easy to see the attraction of collaboration. Greater efficiency, less duplication, access to additional resources, knowledge and expertise, and greater lobbying strength.

But how do you know if collaborative practice is right for your organisation? And where do you start?

If you’re thinking of entering into a collaboration or want to reflect on an existing partnership, the Collaboration Decision Support Tool is designed to help.

The tool can assist you to understand the different types and purposes of collaborations, help you determine if collaboration is the right model for you and assess your organisation’s capacity to undertake collaborative practice. It can also help you monitor the progress of existing relationships and identify areas for improvement.

The assessment questionnaires will guide you through the process, while the case studies and resources will help you put your plans into action.

You can access the Collaboration Decision Support Tool on the Community Door eTraining website. If you need any support and guidance in using the tool, contact Community Door at