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Sponsorship is a win-win opportunity for your CLC and the sponsoring organisation. Sponsors will provide you with money, while you provide them with a great opportunity to show how they are supporting people in need.

To secure a sponsorship deal, it is usually best to look for a local business you already have a good relationship with. For example; a legal firm which provides pro-bono support, or company which supplies your CLC with goods or services.

But it’s not free money. You need to be in regular contact, you need to give thanks where it’s due, and you need to ensure that you’re always doing what you said you’d do. Sponsors can also provide in-kind donations of goods or pro bono services, mentoring and expert advice, or volunteer hours.

It’s important the sponsorship is compatible with your group's core mission and values and does not restrict you or take you away from your core mission.


Webinar presentation on fundraising

File Webinar presentation on fundraising
Did you miss the Community Legal Centres Queensland webinar on how to fundraise for CLCs? Then download a copy of the presentation.