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Regional service planning

Community Legal Centres Queensland was funded by the Department of Justice and Attorney-General to undertake regional service planning in 5 regions of Queensland during 2018-2019.

Regional service planning is an opportunity to build legal service assistance resources, by better understanding the existing and emerging needs in the community.  It also helps legal services to better understand referral pathways and consolidate referral relationships in the region.

The planning process involves three stages:

  1. Data collection involving legal assistance services and other community services in the region:
    1. hard data from legal assistance services about their clients and services
    2. census data which is aligned with proxies of legal need
    3. qualitative interviews with legal assistance services and other community agencies in the region.
  2. Analysis of the data which involves understanding the services currently provided and where more or different services are required now and in the future
  3. Developing recommendations for future service delivery in a workshop involving regional legal assistance services. The workshop will reflect on the regional evidence to develop agreed areas for future service development and the allocation of resources.

This framework is an outline of the questions that are considered at the 3 stages of the planning process:

Legal Aid

Community Legal Centres Queensland developed a Resource and Facilitation Guide to assist with these and future regional service planning processes. This guide can be downloaded here

Regional service planning EOIs

Community Legal Centres Queensland calls for Expressions of Interest for two Regional Legal Assistance Forums (RLAFs) to undertake regional service planning in collaboration with us between July and... > more