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Wednesday 27 May 2015


Dispute Resolution Branch

Office presentation icon Dispute Resolution Branch
Powerpoint for presentation by Ashley Eastall, Marg Poulter and Peter Cobb (DJAG)

Guardianship and Administration

File Guardianship and Administration
Powerpoint for presentation by Raquel Dos Santos ( Self Representation Service) and David Manwaring ( Human Rights Legal Service - Queensland Advocacy Incorporated)

Lessons from the National PII Scheme

File Lessons from the National PII Scheme
Powerpoint for presentation by Kiri Libbesson (NACLC Insurances Co-ordinator) and Stephanie Ewart (Qld PII rep)

Convention Against Torture Review Committee

File Convention Against Torture Review Committee
Powerpoint for presentation by Michelle O’Flynn and David Manwaring (Queensland Advocacy Incorporated)

"Lawyers with Soul”

Office presentation icon "Lawyers with Soul”
Powerpoint for presentation by Meg O'Niell (TASC)

Accessing information from government

Office presentation icon Accessing information from government
Powerpoint presentation by Lemm Ex, Principal Privacy Officer, Office of the Information Commissioner