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Megan Topping

Megan Topping has worked for the Department of Justice and Attorney-General (DJAG) since 2011 and is currently a Senior Project Officer for Legal Assistance Strategy and Funding (LASF). Previously, Megan worked for the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages and Victim Assist Queensland before moving to the Office of the Public Advocate.

As a Senior Project Officer, Megan represents LASF at the Regional Legal Assistance Forums. She is passionate about community and providing holistic support for vulnerable and disadvantaged people which drives her to assist the RLAFs with collaborative service planning to coordinate and maximise the reach of services and ensure they are directed where they are most needed.

Outside of her current role, Megan is a member of the DJAG LGBTIQ+ Working Group and leads the DJAG LGBTIQ+ Education and Awareness subgroup which provides staff with a forum to connect, discuss issues being experienced in the workplace, share information and foster inclusive and supportive workplaces.

In her spare time Megan is a keen swimmer and loves to spend the weekends outdoors playing with her dog Chippy.