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Sue Goodwin

Sodalite Projects' Sue Goodwin has almost thirty years of experience in education, social research and social planning in Australia and overseas, including experience across all three education and training sectors and the community sector. In addition to teaching and training qualifications, Sue holds a Master of Social Planning and Development.

Sue has been consulting in social policy and planning for 15 years and prior to establishing Sodalite Projects in 2018 was Senior Consultant and General Manager with Ithaca Group, a Brisbane-based consulting firm, and earlier still, conducted consulting projects in social planning.

In addition to research, evaluation, planning and reporting skills, Sue is highly skilled in teaching, lecturing and conducting workshops, training sessions and mentoring programs. She has extensive experience in facilitating consultation through surveys, face-to-face and telephone interviews, focus groups and community meetings, as well as conducting research on wide variety of education and training and other social issues for the community sector and for local, state and federal policy-making and planning purposes. 

Over her many years of consulting work, Sue has developed a reputation for producing reports that are clear, insightful and “well-written”.  Her writing skills have also been used to produce a variety of products (such as resources, frameworks and tools) designed to assist in turning policy into practice.