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Financial Protections Service Training

Financial Protections Service

The Financial Protections Service is provided to middle-aged Queenslanders who are approaching retirement and undertaking financial decision making for later life. The service facilitates access to and uptake of free and independent financial information and advice with a particular focus on improving financial resilience. Service partners will also undertake screening and referral for financial abuse.

There are ten participating Seniors Legal and Support Service (SLASS) and Elder Abuse Prevention and Support Service (EAPSS) organisations across Queensland who deliver the Financial Protections Service. SLASS and EAPSS are experts in providing legal, social work, financial counselling and mediation services to older Queenslanders. Links to these organisations can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Financial Protections Service has partnered with the National Seniors Financial Information Desk, an independent financial information service funded by National Seniors that aims to improve retirement information available to older Australians. The service was developed in consultation with the Financial Counsellors’ Association of Queensland.

The Financial Protections Service was co-designed by Caxton Legal Centre and the Townsville Community Legal Service and is funded by the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors. The service guides, practice manual and training webinars were co-authored and developed by Bill Mitchell (Principal Solicitor, Townsville Community Law) and Melody Valentine (Solicitor, Caxton Legal Centre).

Part 1

Caxton Legal Centre Introduction  View the Introduction video below, and download the PowerPoint slides here.    1. The Introductory Guide  View the Introductory Guide video below, and download the... > more

Part 2

Townsville Community Legal Service  1. Welcome to the Program  View the Welcome video below, and download the PowerPoint slides here.    2. Introductory Module  View the Introductory video below... > more