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An Introduction To Working With Individuals Who Have Self-Destructive Behaviours

SAFE in Oz aims to give workshop participants an insight into the headspace of a person who participates in self-destructive behaviour/s in order to better understand their ‘real’ world and life experiences. The training encapsulates their lifespan and is flexible and responsive to the workshop participants.

Day 1 – What is it all about?  - Learning Outcomes

What self-destructive behaviour is or is not, the diverse range of presentations of self-destructive behaviours, the reasons why individuals use these behaviours as a coping mechanism and how it starts, the extraneous variables in peoples’ lives and environments that impact on this behaviour, understand the triggers for the behaviour and why it continues, safer and healthier options and activities that you can share with your clients, self-soothing for clients and self-care for workers and the diverse correlations to the overall lifespan of a person.

Day 2 – Our response to Self-Destructive behaviour/s – Learning Outcomes

Meeting the needs of a client with self-destructive behaviour, understand available treatment environments and associated problems, understand essential components of boundaries and associated problems, addressing support/management plan for clients using this behaviour, meeting the needs and supporting the worker in a complex needs environment, how to respond to the person and not react to the behaviour, and further training available in this field.

Over the two days, you will learn how diverse the spectrum of self-destructive behaviour is and how it impacts on a persons’ physical, emotional, spiritual and social being.

Throughout the workshop, SAFE in Oz will encourage participants to employ strength-based practice, in collaboration with their clients, as a means to discovering a myriad of healthier and safer alternative behaviours to use in response to their inner trauma.

As this behaviour does not impact solely on the physical aspect of an individual’s life, the workshop also links self-destructive behaviour to its impact on the emotional, spiritual and social aspects of life and explore the related long term effects.

The workshop will discuss the connection of this behaviour and suicide, BPD [Borderline Personality Disorder], mental illness, sexual assault and domestic violence, offering an insight of the link with adolescence and aged persons.

The presentation mode for the workshop is both interactive and activity based and includes ‘real’ case studies, PowerPoint presentation, and a DVD.

Each workshop participant is provided with a SAFE in Oz presentation folder. The folder includes a workbook for each day which contains a copy of the PowerPoint presentation, activity sheets and additional subject-related reference material. The activity sheets include strategies and tools for use with clients, while the reference material acts to enhance understanding, give insight into related topics and support you in your work practice.

All of our trainers have an assortment of qualifications, everyone has their Cert IV in Training & Assessment, they all have multiple qualifications in areas such as social work, AOD, youth, DFV, mental health, frontline management, development educator and community services. They are mature trainers with years of experience under their belts and have all worked with and supported clients who have self-destructive behaviours.

Monday, November 25, 2019 to Tuesday, November 26, 2019
9.00am to 4.30pm
$440pp or Early Bird $400 if registered and paid 30 days prior to workshop commencement
Community Resource Centre
Varsity Lakes
SAFE in Oz Team