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Run-away Robodebt Train Derailed

In November 2019, the Federal Court ruling invalidating the Department of Human Services (Centrelink) data matching scheme. The scheme, commonly known as ‘Robodebt’ used data matching to raise social security debts solely on the artificial and arbitrary basis of the ATO’s ‘averages’ of fortnightly income.

In this webinar, Terry Carney from the University of Sydney will discuss the legal and practical implications of the Robodebt scheme, why these debts lacked any foundation in law, and the position of the half a million people who have been affected by the scheme. Terry will also examine the situation of people who have already paid a Robodebt, had it garnisheed from tax refunds, have an outstanding ‘debt’, or are dealing with Centrelink’s current review of all these cases.

Terry Carney AO is Emeritus Professor of Law at the Law School, University of Sydney and Visiting Research Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney. A Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law, he writes on social security law and served for nearly 40 years as a member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and its predecessor, the Social Security Appeals Tribunal. Terry has written extensively on Robodebt, first ‘Belling the cat’ on its illegality in a March 2018 article in the University of New South Wales Law Journal Forum and most recently in the  Social Security Rights Review.  

This webinar is delivered in partnership with the National Social Security Rights Network 

Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Community Legal Centres Queensland