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The future of law reform: Technology and the Law

An expert panel discussion, and an opportunity to suggest future law reform topics. 

The Australian Law Reform Commission and the Australian National University are pleased to present a panel discussion on the future of law reform in Australia. The discussion progresses the ALRC’s new project seeking public input to assist in identifying areas of Australian law which may benefit from reform. The project generally will be broad-ranging and will consider suggestions relating to any area of law.

However, this panel event, to be hosted by ANU's Law Reform and Social Justice program, will focus on issues relating to technology and the law. The influence of technology is ever-increasing in our society, including the development of artificial intelligence and regulation of cyber-activity. Consequently, a number of areas of law are likely to require review and reform to maintain relevance and effectiveness. Discussions and suggestions made at the event will be considered by the ALRC in developing a proposed multi-year programme of law reform inquiries for the consideration of the Commonwealth Attorney-General. Join a panel of experts for an interactive evening discussing law reform priorities with the potential to shape the future of Australian law. 

Places are limited. Registration is free.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019
1.30pm to 3.00pm
Moot Theatre, College of Law, Australian National University 5 Fellows Road
Acton, ACT
Australian Law Reform Comission