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Pine Rivers Community Legal Service celebrating the launch of their Community Family Mediation Service

Posted June 24, 2019

When couples acquire property and/ or debt during their relationship, resolving who gets what when they separate can cause conflict.  There is often no money to spare and where people have low-value assets and sometimes significant debt they cannot access the legal system to help them sort things out. Sometimes the ability to reach an agreement between themselves is furthered hampered by other factors such as mental health,  domestic and family violence, cultural differences, or some other complex need that has to be addressed. Separated couples are then forced to remain tied together financially when superannuation needs to be dealt with, the family home may need to be sold or ownership title transferred, and the mortgage dealt with.  In many cases, couples may need to work out the more challenging issue of how to share paying the debt. Separated couples may also be experiencing great stress trying to work out the arrangements regarding their children’s care as well. 

The Pine Rivers Community Legal Service recognised the challenges being experienced by these separating couples with multiple levels of complex need and very limited ability to resolve their matters through the legal system and developed the Community Family Mediation Service to provide no-cost mediation for financial/property settlements and children’s matters. The Community Family Mediation Service helps separated couples mediate on financial issues when they have a small/low-value financial net value.  The Community Family Mediation Service offers a service to disadvantaged separated couples when limited other service is available or affordable.

As part of the funding received,  four of the Pine Rivers Community Legal Service Solicitors qualified as Nationally Accredited Mediators and three of the Solicitors qualified as Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners. We also have a small team of contracted mediators. 

Mediation is delivered north of Brisbane, but we have the ability to send mediators to anywhere in the greater Brisbane region, provided spaces suitable for mediation are provided. Referrals to the Community Family Mediation Service  We welcome referrals. For any questions or to make a referral telephone 07 3881 3500 or email: