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Bond retrieved by Gold Coast Community Legal Centre

Gold Coast Community Legal Centre assisted a vulnerable and disadvantage client in a rental (bond) dispute. The client is a victim of domestic violence, is financially limited and vulnerable, and does not speak English well.

With the assistance of an Arabic interpreter we ensured that we understood the client’s instructions and that the client understood the process, our advice and the relevant law. Following serious threats of violence from her estranged husband, the client fled to the Gold Coast with the child of the marriage.

The real estate agents had knowledge of the history of domestic violence in the marriage, and that the husband also still had a key to the property. The agents notified her that they will retain all of the bond in the amount which was over $1000 or that she must pay them a lower amount around $800 in cash on the spot which she could not afford.

The centre completed the QCAT application form on behalf of the client setting out the reasons why the client’s bond should be returned to her. The client was successful in her application and QCAT ordered that all of the bond be returned to her. The client said, “you did all the work that no one else would do and you believed in me and made it okay.”

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