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Cairns Community Legal Centre helps clear hospital fees of client's late husband

A client contacted the Cairns CLC in relation to a dispute with a health service provider. The client speaks English as a second language and receives Centrelink payments as her only source of income.

The client received a number of invoices, statements and letters demanding payment for medical treatment provided to the client's late-husband. The client also received numerous telephone calls from the service provider threatening to send debt collectors to the client's house if the client did not make immediate payment, which caused the client major anxiety.

The client was unable to pay due to her financial circumstances and was afraid of debt collectors coming to the house. The client attempted to explain this to the service provider, however the demands continued.

The Cairns CLC reviewed correspondence, which was addressed to the client's late husband. The Centre wrote to the hospital advising that the client has no legal obligation to pay the invoices and requesting that all future demands be directed to the executors of the client's late-husband's estate.

The service provider ceased making demands upon the client.

The client was very grateful for the assistance provided saying "I very much appreciate you helping me. Without your help, they would probably still be chasing me."

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