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Cairns Legal Centre secures home for war veteran

Adam* has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is classified as a Totally and Permanently Incapacitated (TPI) veteran. For the last five years, Adam has resided in rental premises established to provide accommodation for war veterans.

In September 2014, Adam was issued with a Notice to Leave which set out as grounds ‘objectionable behaviour’ by Adam. Adam prepared his own response to this notice and when the matter reached QCAT, the member indicated that the evidence was not strong enough. During an adjournment period Adam was relieved that the QCAT matter was withdrawn. However two days later Adam was issued with a Notice to Leave (without grounds).

Adam felt settled living at his rental premises. He had made a positive contribution as a resident and formed important friendships while living there. Adam therefore strongly wished to remain living there, although the dispute was causing him significant stress and anxiety.

Adam therefore sought advice from the Cairns Community Legal Centre and the Centre drafted written submissions. At hearing it was deemed that the second Notice to Leave was retaliatory and it was set aside. Adam was relieved and continues to live at the premises. He reports an improved environment and relationships with other tenants following resolution of this dispute.

*This fictional name has been given to protect the client’s identity.

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