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Member of Parliament grateful for Caxton Legal Centre

In about 1989, Trevor was a student at QUT and applying for AusStudy. Centrelink denied his application, saying he was (or should be) dependent on his parents. His father lived in Fiji, and his mother was in the UK and unable to support him. In his dealings with Centrelink, he was told that it would be easier if he just dropped out and went onto the dole.

Trevor sought advice and assistance from Caxton Legal Centre, who helped him understand his rights. The matter was settled outside the courtroom, and Trevor was able to access the payment and receive back pay.

Trevor acknowledged that, had he not had this support, he may well have dropped out of university. Instead, with the help of Caxton, he was able to stay in university, which led him into a successful career in small business and into Parliament. He says that this legal help clearly helped him get to where he is today which is as an MP and Chair of the Queensland Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Committee.

Mr Watts commented, ‘To this day I am grateful for the support I received from the Caxton Legal Centre.

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