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Park and Village Information Link works with client to enforce rights

Clare* is a resident of a retirement village and attended a talk about Retirement Living Options presented by the Park and Village Information Link.

After the talk Clare approached the presenter and explained the difficult time she was having at her village. She wanted advice about what would happen if she were to leave the village, and what options she had to try and resolve her complaint.

As a result, the PAVIL lawyer was able to set up an appointment to meet with Clare to speak with her further about her legal problem. The lawyer was then able to provide advice about Clare’s rights and obligations as a resident of the village and give information about the process to leave the village.

Clare used the advice to make an informed decision to stay in the village and liaise with the operator of the village to enforce her rights without suffering any legal or financial detriment.

*This fictional name has been given to protect the client’s identity. 

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