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X less Y = reduced finanical pressures thanks to the Cairns Community Legal Centre

Ms X* is 63 years old and resides in a regional area.  Around 20 years ago, Ms X’s marriage ended after she was subject to significant domestic violence.  To assist with meeting her property’s financial obligations, Ms X agreed to an acquaintance, Mr Z, moving in under informal tenancy arrangements. 

After a few years, Mr Z and Ms X commenced an intimate partner relationship.  When Ms X ended the relationship around 10 years ago, Mr Z began a pattern of intimidating behaviour and verbal abuse towards Ms X, which has escalated over time. 

The dispute initially arose due to Mr Z’s refusal to contribute financially in return for accommodation.  Ms X who relies on the Disability Support Pension as her sole income, therefore began to face significant financial pressures in meeting property expenses, while Mr Z continued to refuse to contribute.  Ms X made several attempts to request that Mr Z leave the property, however, given Mr Z’s increasingly abusive and unpredictable conduct towards her had not been able to get him to leave.

After approaching the Cairns Community Legal Centre, Ms X was provided social work support to establish appropriate safety planning strategies. Ms X was also provided legal advice in relation to available protection orders, and process to remove Mr Z from her property. The Centre sent written notice to Mr A asking him to leave, and then corresponded with Mr Z on Ms X’s behalf, to obtain agreement to vacate the property and to finalise details to facilitate his departure.

With Mr Z’s departure from her property, Ms X now reports greatly improved wellbeing, and that she has been able to put in place strategies to redress her financial pressures.

* Actual names have not been used.

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