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We need changes to Queensland's tenancy laws to Make Renting Fair!

Posted November 30, 2018

More and more Queenslanders are renting their home – around one and a half million people, or 34.2% of all households, rent. The Queensland government is currently reviewing renting laws. As part of the Make Renting Fair in Queensland campaign, Community Legal Centres Queensland is calling for progressive change so that renters can live in decent, safe places, under fair condition – a place where they can create a home for themselves and their families. 

Make Renting Fair in Queensland is a group of organisations which support progressive reform of our renting laws so that all Queenslanders can make the place they live in their home, whether they rent or own. The alliance is led by Tenants Queensland, and includes Community Legal Centres Queensland, QCOSS, Mackay Regional Community Legal Centre, LawRight, Community Plus, Queensland Youth Housing Coalition, Youth Affairs Network of Queensland, QShelter, Mission Australia, Hervey Bay Neigbourhood Centre, and the Brisbane Renters Alliance. More information about this group can be found at

With other alliance members, we support the following changes to Queensland tenancy laws, to make renting fair:

  • Give people the right to stay in their rental homes and prevent unfair evictions
  • Keep rents fair to keep people in their homes
  • Make it easier for people who rent to get their bond money back when moving
  • Make sure that people who rent their homes are treated fairly and with honesty
  • Keep people together with their pets in their rental homes
  • Enforce basic standards for rental homes
  • Protect people’s privacy by making sure that they have fair warning before someone enters their home

These issues are discussed in more detail in our submission, supported by case studies showing the issues faced by community legal centres’ clients in private rentals.

Read our submission

PDF icon Read our submission
Make renting fair: Submission to the Queensland Government’s Open Doors to Renting Reform consultation (November 2018)