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We welcome 'lemon laws' for vehicle buyers, and suggest stronger protections

Posted November 28, 2018

The Queensland Government has introduced laws to strengthen consumer protections for people sold vehicles known as ‘lemons’  - vehicles with numerous defects that reoccur despite multiple repair attempts, or where defects have caused a motor vehicle to be out of service for a prolonged period of time.

Community Legal Centres Queensland supports this Bill, and offers some suggestions to provide further protections to people who buy lemons, including:

  • Reversing the onus of proof
  • Expanding the defintion of a ‘motor vehicle’ to include motorised scooters
  • Introducing a ‘Lemon’ buy-back register
  • Continued advocacy for national reforms of consumer protections

Download our submission

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Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal and Other Legislation Amendment Bill (28 November 2018)