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Homeless woman fights to be removed from tenancy blacklist

Theresa*, a vulnerable young mother, was the victim of a series of aggressive attacks by her ex-partner causing her long-term injuries. After fleeing the home, Theresa was unable to secure a private tenancy due to a be blacklisted on the tenance register.  This was due to a number of debts incurred by her ex-partner. Staying in emergency accommodation, Theresa was forced to ask relatives to look after her children.        

LawRight’s Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic provided ongoing advice and assistance to successfully apply to have her removed from the list. This allowed Theresa to secure a supported long-term tenancy and successfully negotiated with her creditors to stabilise Theresa’s limited income. This allowed Theresa to take steps to address her health concerns.

Through effective and holistic representation, the Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic also assisted Theresa in securing Victim Assist compensation for her injuries. As a result, Theresa will now be able to pay her extensive medical expenses and can move forward with her life.

*This fictional name has been given to protect the client’s identity.


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