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Decision to swap patients overturned

Queensland Advocacy Incorporated assisted Steve* who was under a Forensic Order. The health service which was treating him wanted to transfer him to another mental health service. Steve did not wish to be transferred, as this would mean he would be removed from his home community, and his family supports and support worker would no longer be able to support him as he transitioned back into the community.

Queensland Advocacy Incorproated found there was no clear clinical benefit to the proposed transfer. It was apparent that the transfer decision was made as part of a ‘patient swap’ for administrative reasons. Steve was advised just days before the proposed transfer, and reported that they were not involving him in the decision.

Together with the local Independent Patient Rights Adviser, Queensland Advocacy Incorporated liaised with Steve’s treating team to get the transfer decision reviewed. The treating team reviewed the decision and decided not to go ahead with the transfer. Steve has continued to access periods of leave with their support worker and family as they take steps towards reintegrating him the local community.

*This fictional name has been given to protect the client’s identity.

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