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LawRight helps provide hope for aboriginal family violence survivor

Anna, a 17 year old aboriginal girl, has already endured a lifetime of violence. In 2015, her ex-partner viciously stabbed her and convinced the community to ostracise her. Anna had been sleeping rough ever since and received no income - her birth was never registered, so she didn’t have enough ID to claim Centrelink. When Anna was 15, her daughter was taken from her care. Her ex-partner told Anna that Child Safety removed the child, but that was a lie – he and his family had taken the girl.

When Anna attended an Aboriginal Health Centre in Cairns, she met with LawRight's indigenous lawyer. LawRight arranged for Anna to get a birth certificate, a back payment from Centrelink, and sign a long term tenancy. Anna learnt the truth from LawRight about her daughter’s removal and was connected to the local indigenous family violence service to arrange a reunification.

With the basics of housing, income and family no longer ignored, Anna can begin her healing.

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