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Townsville LawRight prevents injustice

Beth*  is a survivor of 20 years of family violence, with a deep need for safe accommodation. She moved to Townsville for a fresh start and rented a house, but a break and enter damaged the front security screen door.

Beth sought help from a women’s support service, where she was connected to visiting volunteer lawyers. The lawyers helped Beth through the formal process of asking the landlord to repair the screen, and giving notice to vacate the house, when her request was ignored. The landlord resisted all attempts at negotiation and instead filed an application to claim the rental bond. By now, Beth was living in her car, unable to rent anywhere until the bond dispute was sorted.

Volunteer lawyers with the Townsville Self Representation Service helped a very frightened Beth to argue her case at QCAT. The QCAT member ordered the landlord to pay back the bond and a further 2 days rent. The QCAT member also criticised the landlord’s management of the tenancy and handling of Beth’s dispute.

Beth was so relieved and proud of her success.

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*Not her real name

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