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LawRight helps Clare receive a better response to mental illness

Clare* is 39 years old and has a part-time job. She lives with her parents and hopes to attend university one day. Clare has significant and long-term mental illness which she is active in managing. When her illness worsened, Clare followed her GP’s encouragement to voluntarily seek specialist help at a hospital, but the hospital placed her under a Treatment Authority (TA). Clare wanted LawRight’s help with the review of the TA.

With pro bono legal support, Clare was able to prepare for the review – explaining that she was not at risk of harming herself or others and that she had extensive support. The Tribunal revoked the Treatment Authority. Clare’s mother cried and Clare was stunned and overjoyed. She said: ‘I felt I was heard. I was just glad to be able to have [your help], especially because it was short notice. I am very grateful.’

*Not her real name

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