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Doug returns to work

Doug*, a 64-year-old man from a remote area, was sacked following a workplace injury. A regional Community Legal Centre helped James to file his application for reinstatement with the QIRC and then connected Doug with LawRight.

LawRight connected Doug to a barrister and a Brisbane law firm. We also involved a regional law firm to instruct at the hearing in Cairns. The Disbursement Fund paid for the barrister to travel to Cairns to attend the hearing.

The QIRC found that Doug’s termination was invalid. They ordered that he be reinstated and receive back pay. Doug was very happy with the outcome and told us “The barrister was outstanding, she did a fantastic job in Cairns, I couldn’t ask for any better representation, she was absolutely brilliant.”

*This fictional name has been given to protect the client’s identity.

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