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Yohanes takes on QCAT and wins

Yohannes is a 50-year-old refugee from Ethiopia who arrived with limited English. When he was new to Australia, he was charged with common assault. He hadn’t understood what was culturally and legally acceptable in Australia. He pleaded guilty. Five years later, Yohannes had completed training to become a disability support worker, to help people with mental and physical disabilities. But when he applied for his Blue Card, it was rejected because of the assault charge.

Yohannes came to LawRight's Self Representation Service and we helped him apply to QCAT to review the Blue Card decision, and to prepare his story to explain the events of his past.

They then connected him with pro bono lawyers Ashurst and barrister Angela Rae, to attend the compulsory conference and then the hearing. The decision was overturned and Yohannes got his Blue Card. Thanks to this help, Yohannes can earn a living and look after his family.

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