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Gold Coast CLC recoups outstanding debt for Margaret

Margaret* approached Gold Coast Community Legal Centre seeking assistance with the recovery of money owed to her. 

She had lent a friend over $8,000 a few years ago which was always promised to be repaid to her. 

She never wanted to go down the “legal path” however, but Margaret had recently went through stage three cervical cancer treatment and was in such financial hardship meeting all the medical bills she was now receiving since treatment was finished. 

Margaret client was unemployed due to the cancer treatment and a single mother of a young child so was financially struggling and this money owed meant a lot to her. 

The other party made small repayments of around $20-$50 on a couple of occasions however this was not assisting Margaret to get her money back. 

Gold Coast CLC advised Margaret on her options and wrote to the other party demanding repayment. 

They heard nothing from Margarets friend about repaying the money so law students, under supervision, assisted the client to complete a Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) application to recover the debt. 

Margaret was successful in obtaining a QCAT decision that the full amount of over $8,000 be paid to her by her friend.

*Not her real name

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