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Pamela* is freed from her violent partner:

Pamela*, a senior woman in a remote community, had been in a long-term relationship with a violent partner which was impacting herself and her children.

Her partner was a binge drinker and Pamela and her family experienced ongoing abuse especially when he was drinking. This included physical violence, ongoing threats, verbal abuse, intimidation and assaults. The police knew about this and had been called to the house on many occasions, on the last of which Pamela’s partner was warned in court that the next time it happened, he would go to jail.

Pamela was referred to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Legal Service NQ while she was living in the Women’s Shelter. The solicitor from the Service helped Pamela apply for a Protection Order, and her violent partner was forced to leave their home so that the family could return.

*Not their real name

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