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Law students at Gold Coast Community Legal Centre help Kylie* file for divorce

Kylie*, who did not speak English, approached Gold Coast Community Legal Centre seeking assistance with a divorce application.

Kylie had been separated for over 5 years and had not been in contact with her ex-husband during this time. Kylie needed this divorce as she wanted to re-marry. She didn’t know where her ex-husband was and thought he might have left Australia. Kylie had no contact details for her ex-husband except an email address she knew was still active.

The Centre gave her advice about applying for a divorce and also applying for substituted service since she didn’t know where her ex-husband was. Law students, under supervision, assisted Kylie to complete the divorce application.

The divorce application was successful, and Kylie was very grateful as she can now re-marry and wouldn’t have known the process herself or been able to do it on her own.

*Not their real name

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