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Unfair licence cancellation solved by Gold Coast CLC

We were able to assist Tiana*, who is a vulnerable New Zealand national and not entitled to any form of assistance from Centrelink, in an appeal against a decision by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads to cancel her driver’s authorisation to drive buses and limousines. The reason for cancellation was due to the Department becoming aware of the client being charged with an offence related to her employment; a charge which the client had grounds to defend and could have dismissed.

Due to unfortunate circumstances this did not happen, thus resulting in the proposed action by the Department. Gold Coast Community Legal Service made representations to the Department, including setting out all of the background information, that led to the Department determining that there were in fact no grounds for the cancellation of Tiana’s driver’s authorisation permit, thus meaning that she could continue driving to earn a living and support her family.

*Not their real name

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