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Taylor Street helps Jean* gain financial independence

The Taylor Street Community Legal Service was approached by ADA Australia to assist Jean*, a young woman living with autism and complex mental health issues. This was to appeal a finding by QCAT that she did not have capacity to manage her financial affairs and the appointment of her mother as her Administrator.

Jean’s mother had sought to withdraw as administrator, and appoint the Public Trustee to look after Jean’s affairs.

Taylor Street was instructed to oppose this, so that Jean could prove that she could manage her own affairs.  The staff from Taylor street gathered evidence from Jean’s doctors and the org organisations Jean volunteered with. The evidence showed that she could plan and manage her affairs.

Taylor Street assisted Jean to prepare a statement to the Tribunal setting out her position and demonstrating her practical financial planning ability. Taylor Street also lodged an appeal against the original Order.

Taylor Street represented Jean at the hearing and showed that she could manage her day-to-day financial affairs. This finding has enabled Jean to maintain her right to financial independence over day-to-day matters, the loss of which would have impacted on her mental health, dignity and self-esteem.

*Not their real name

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