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National Indigenous NDIS Conference

The 1st National Indigenous NDIS Conference: Disability Care Our Way is designed to provide organisations and workers in the disability sector the opportunity to discuss and share information in regards to the successes and challenges they’ve experienced in the roll out and the implementation of one of Australia’s largest social policy reforms, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) which aimed to provide the person living with a disability better choice and control over their own lives, decisions, needs and wants.

An ABS survey stated that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples experience disability at more than twice the rate of other Australians and experience inequality and prejudice across a spectrum of health, wellbeing and social indicator often facing multiple barriers to their meaningful participation within their own communities and the wider community. Because of these intersections between race and disability, Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander peoples living with a disability and their families are amongst the most disadvantaged and disempowered members of the Australian community overwhelmingly highlighting the adverse intersectional impact of being Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and having disability across a range of wellbeing and social indicators including health, educational attainment, employment participation, personal safety and exposure to the criminal justice system.

The conference will also be a great resource and avenue to identify models of support and engagement that reflect various cultural practices of our communities to ensure that First Nations Peoples’ living with a disability can live life their way. Sharing stories and story-telling is so strong in Aboriginal communities in that it leads the way to support healing in our community so we can move forward and get things right. Reflecting the importance of culturally respectful planning resources and tools to adapt the changes to the disability sector, that is people with disability will have “choice and control” over their own lives, decisions, needs and wants.

Furthermore, the conference also aims to give a voice to Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander peoples living with a disability and their family carers to share their needs, their concerns and share their story and experiences. Similarly, this conference presents a chance for Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander frontline disability support workers, mainstream community and allied health workers serving First Nations Peoples living with a disability to engage with industry leaders and peers, learn cutting edge innovations and techniques as well as hear firsthand experiences from Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander peoples living with a disability. The conference will also examine innovative ways to activate and engage people with disability in employment opportunities and challenge delegates individually and collectively to identify the way forward for their organisations. This conference is for anyone who is interested in strengthening and upholding the rights of Indigenous peoples living with a disability. With a rich diversity of speakers, delegates and exhibitors, this two-day conference will empower you, inspire you and invigorate your passion for supporting your clients to reach their goals each and every day through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 to Thursday, December 13, 2018
From $650*
Marriott Hotel