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Susan* freed from abusive grandson

Susan, aged 76, has been financially abused and threatened by her grandson Scott for over 12 years. At one point, Scott promised to take Susan grocery shopping but unexpectedly took her to a car dealership instead. He wanted to buy a car and he asked Susan to put her name on the finance agreement. Susan became upset and said, “I can’t afford this – I’m only on a pension!” Scott convinced her that he would meet all the payments and Susan eventually agreed. Scott never contributed to those car payments.

Townsville Community Legal Service's Seniors Legal and Support Service team helped Susan obtain a Domestic Violence Temporary Protection Order, evict Scott, and retrieve some stolen property. The team also had the loan repayments placed on hold and the finance agreement cancelled. As a result, Susan has improved her financial wellbeing, has less stress and anxiety, and is protected from Scott for the future.

* Not their real name.

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